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Foundations of Ayuveda


Learn the Fundamentals in 6 Weeks

Discover the principles of Ayurveda that make it an ideal holistic health science for anyone seeking optimal wellbeing.

Are you...

  • ...interested in exploring Ayurveda and discovering what this body of knowledge holds for you? 

  • ...interested in learning more about the foundational concepts of Ayurveda that you can apply in your life today?

  • ...wanting to improve your own health and happiness?

This foundational course will give you a taste of Ayurveda and allow you to discover the key fundamental principles of this ancient science of health. 

Foundations of Ayurveda is a transformative 6-week course that allows you to learn the wonderful ancient wisdom of health.

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Course Areas of Concentration

  • Vibrant Energy
    Discover the biggest block to liveliness and how to overcome this obstacle for more energy, clarity, and happiness

  • Nutrition Wisdom
    Understand the role digestion plays in overall health and why it is not so much what you eat but how well you digest it that really matters.

  • The Root Cause of Disease
    Discover the underlying cause of all disease and how aligning with Nature and our inner wisdom can return us to state of supreme joy and optimal wellness.

  • Your Inner Intelligence
    Learn about the profound intelligence of the body and what is needed to support it for healing, prevention and long-lasting health.


  • Session 1:  The Universal Pharmacy – How to use anything in the universe to create balance

  • Session 2: Consciousness – How to use the mind-body connection to create health

  • Session 3: The Root Cause of Disease – How to prevent disease through living in tune with nature

  • Session 4: The Key to Nutrition – How to maximize diet with the power of strong digestion

  • Session 5: Detox and Purification – How to purify on a daily basis

  • Session 6: Vital Energy – How to create vibrant energy and rejunvenation

Program Details

  • Foundations in a 6-week video course

  • Take at your own pace

  • Study from anywhere online

  • Start anytime

  • Includes Dr. Dugliss's Book: Ayurveda - The Power to Heal

  • Heart-based Meditation instruction included free

  • Instructor: Paul Dugliss, M.D., Director and Academic Dean of New World Ayurveda School

Course Tuition Only $197!

This is an excellent introduction to Ayurveda and a wonderful way to begin incorporating its wisdom into your daily life.

If you are considering taking our Ayurvedic Health Practitioner training program, this course can serve as a primer and exploration into important foundational Ayurvedic concepts.


Fresh Produce

This course will allow you to discover the wisdom of Ayurveda in body, mind and spirit through your own direct experience.

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