Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training Program

Live Online and Independent Study

$5500 Single Tuition Payment


Monthly Payment Plan - $1497 Initial Payment and $250 per Month x 18 Months = $5997 Total


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: The monthly payment plan consists of an initial payment and an automatically recurring monthly payment that is charged to your credit card. So that you don’t have to remember to enroll in the monthly payment plan next month, we have decreased the initial payment by $250 and added an additional $250 payment to the monthly payment plan (making it 19 payments instead of 18). This way you can enroll in the monthly plan at the same time you make the initial payment and will not need to remember to enroll next month. Be sure to pay both the initial and the monthly payment plan subscription when you pay.

Spiritual Mentoring Training Program

Clinical Jyotish Counseling Training Program