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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any prerequisite courses for the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training Program?
    No. Unlike other programs we don't require anatomy and physiology prior to starting the course. We integrate the needed material into the training program. We do require a high school education in order to apply.
  • Do I need NAMA or AAPNA certification in order to practice Ayurveda?
    No. First, there is no nationally recognized certification in the U.S. for Ayurveda. NAMA and AAPNA "recognize" practitioners at different levels, but they are not federally sanctioned to do so. The ability to practice Ayurveda in any particular state is up to the laws in that state, not up to any professional organization.
  • How can students learn pulse diagnosis over the Internet?
    New World Ayurveda has been teaching pulse diagnosis at a distance for over 12 years. We have developed methods to help students refine their observational skills and we start the study of pulse on our own pulse -- getting to know it as a baseline and a reference point for taking other pulses. We have had great success with our teaching methodologies.
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