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Foundations of Ayurveda


Ayurveda can maximize your health, your energy and your longevity. Yet, too often is made complicated with lots of lingo and rules and dietary restrictions. This course will present to you the foundations of Ayurveda in an easy-to-understand format, so that you can learn to apply this health science without getting overwhelmed. We invite you to our course on Ayurveda Made Easy. In this course you will learn: 1. The Universal Pharmacy - How Ayurveda gives the ability to know and become aware of the impact of anything in the universe on your unique physiology and how to use anything as “medicine” through understanding the Doshas. 2. Consciousness-based Health - How the body is intelligent and how expanding awareness naturally leads to a more profound and lasting health. 3. The Root Cause of Disease - How to align with our nature and use our daily routine to avoid getting out of alignment. 4. The Importance of Digestion - How to simplify the approach to diet by first focusing on our ability to digest. 5. Purification and Detoxification - The simple and natural ways Ayurveda deals with toxins. 6. Energy, Liveliness and Longevity - Understanding the source of energy and how to create longevity with great liveliness. This foundational course is taught by Paul Dugliss, M.D., Director and Academic Dean of New World Ayurveda School.

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