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Hi, I’m Dr. Paul Dugliss, Academic Dean and Director of New World Ayurveda School. Over the years I have seen the power of Ayurveda and what it can do, especially for the everyday imbalances so many people face, such as insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and digestive issues.


Our students tell us that participating in our program has helped them to personally transform physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Many have said their stress and worries have fallen away and they have finally found true happiness. Having experienced firsthand the benefits of Ayurveda, there is nothing more they want to do now than to lead their own families and communities toward a path of optimal wellbeing as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner.

Now more than ever, the world needs people who can teach their communities about improving immunity, prevention and natural methods of self-care where each person takes responsibility for their own health and healing.


Schedule a free Discovery Appointment with me now so we can explore if becoming an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner through New World Ayurveda School is right for you. 

Accelerate inner growth and develop

consciousness in your clients, and yourself.

Become an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner


Is Becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner Right for you?

- You have the desire to help others and are looking for a way to express it in the world.

- You embrace the wisdom of holistic health and see the importance and value in returning to what’s natural.


- You want to be a way shower in your community and share the profound knowledge of Ayurveda with others to help improve their quality of life.


- You are a healthcare professional, massage therapist, yoga instructor or energy worker seeking a modality to add on to your practice that will help you effectively serve more people and change lives.

If any of this sounds like you, we'd love to talk with you about your vision and how we can help you achieve your dream of doing the important work you long to do.


Maria Chiara Carta, M.D.


I enrolled in this Ayurveda training program because I intuitively felt it would provide me with the tools to become a better doctor by empowering myself and my patients with a wonderful body of comprehensive knowledge about prevention of disease and self-care.


Sally Raspberry

Massage Therapist, Educator, Practitioner

The concepts I learned from the course at NWA have truly shaped my existence into one of peace and infinite joy. As a massage therapist, mother and educator, the knowledge I received at New World Ayurveda has integrated seamlessly and effortlessly into my life.


Dave Lesinski

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor

Paul Dugliss has the unique ability to teach and explain complex spiritual concepts and methods in a way that is practical and immediately usable.

About our Training

Offered as both a live online or independent study program, The Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training Program delivers rapid instruction in becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner right from the comfort of your home.


As an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner you’ll be able to offer personal consultations to assess and advise on Ayurvedic lifestyle, wellness, disease prevention practices, as well as correcting many major common imbalances seen experienced in our society today..

What You Will Learn and Be Able to Do

  • Detect imbalances through Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis and how to correct those imbalances

  • Determine at which level of life an imbalance originates (physical, energetic, mental/emotional, karmic or spiritual) and how to intervene with the most efficient and effective methods

  • Assess client lifestyle and routine and educate on a more healthful regimen

  • Teach Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition and compose diet and nutritional recommendations

  • Utilize a Vedic Astrology Chart to understand karmic and planetary influences on the life,
    and make recommendations on how to balance those influences

  • Make herbal recommendations and create herbal formulas

  • Recommend and support purification and detoxification routines (Panchakarma recommendations)

  • Develop aromas to create balance and support wellbeing

  • Experience and teach self-healing skills such as the Healing Breath for chakra clearing, Abhyanga (warm oil massage), seasonal cleansing, and using food as medicine

  • Gain the clinical skills necessary to interpret what your client is expressing and put the theory and knowledge of what you have learned into practice


As an Ayurvedic school founded by a Western Medical Physician, we offer a modern and comprehensive approach to the course by including a medical perspective, Vedic astrology and spiritual counseling. Over the course of 10 months, you’ll learn how to empower yourself, friends, family, and your community to heal from the inside out, utilizing Ayurveda’s secrets to optimal health and longevity.

The program consists of 750 total hours of training in Ayurveda  – including two 12-week terms, one 8-week term, three 5-day intensives, and one practicum. A minimum of 50 Clinical Client Cases are part of the training reflecting our case-based, clinical approach to learning Ayurveda.

Course Breakdown

Term I: Fundamentals of Assessment 

Ayurveda Nutrition Intensive

Term II: Fundamentals of Intervention

Ayurvedic Clinical Practice Intensive I

Term III: Fundamentals of Practice 

Ayurvedic Clinical Practice Intensive II

  • The Ayurvedic Cooking and Nutrition and Clinical 1 intensives can be done in person, live online, or via a recording.

  • The Clinical 2 Intensive is required to be done in person. However, we will make exceptions on an individual basis. (Please see our policy  in the Course Catalog for details.)

  • Yoga & Meditation Practicum runs throughout the year 


Live Online Program


​Meets live on Sundays, 1:00 - 5:00

Eastern Time

All classes are recorded in case you miss one or want to review.

  • Study from anywhere

  • Weekly live online Q&A session

  • Faculty-Student Conferences

  • Finish in less that 12 months

  • Online student forum

  • Heart-based Meditation Training included


Independent Study


This option can suit you if you enjoy studying on your own or need to study at your own pace. Immediate start available.

  • Video recordings of live classes

  • Faculty-student conferences

  • Online student forum

  • Start at your own pace

  • Go at your own pace

  • Heart-based Meditation included

Dates and Tuition

Tuition is the same for both the Live Online and Independent Study programs, as they are the same material, result in the same certificate and you have access to faculty and program platforms.

$5,500 paid in full (check or credit card),
OR $5997 with payment plan. Down payment of $1497 and 18 monthly payments of $250.

  • We accept all major credit cards via PayPal.

  • Monthly installments are automatically billed to your credit card.

  • Note: After week 9 of the course you will be responsible for all payments whether you complete the program or not. (Please see the refund policy on the application form.) 


Additional Costs:

  • Application Fee: $25

  • Travel costs and lodging for the second clinical intensive (and any other intensive you decide to attend in person).

Term I

9/12/21 - 12/12/21
Sundays: 1:00 - 5:00PM EST

Orientation: 9/11/21 9 AM - 5 PM EST

Term I Intensive: Ayurvedic Nutrition 

Date: Weds. 12/15/21 - Sun. 12/19/21

*Location: Portland, ME (or can be taken remotely)

Term II

1/16/22 - 4/3/22
Sundays: 1:00 - 5:00PM EST

Term II Intensive: Clinical Intensive I

Date: Weds. 4/6/22 - Sun. 4/10/22

*Location: Portland, ME (or can be taken remotely)

Term III

4/17/22 - 6/12/22
Sundays: 1:00 - 5:00PM EST

Term III Intensive: Clinical Intensive II

Date: Weds. 6/15/22 -6/19/22

*Tentative Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

* Please note: Due to the uncertainty COVID-19 poses for travel in 2021, all intensives may be held online only. If you have concerns about travel, please discuss them with us during your Discovery Appointment or Application Interview. Travel may not be required and we will respect your comfort level.
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For me, the biggest strength of the NWA program was the use of case studies to see 'real world' examples of Ayurvedic treatment. I felt that model of learning really anchored my assessment skills and gave me the information to create plans that generate the greatest impact on my clients' health and well being. 

Jeff Craft

Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher

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