We Envision a World Transformed

Through the Wisdom of Consciousness-based Health


Ayurveda Based on the Principles of How Consciousness Heals


Would you like to:


  • Learn Ayurveda from real clinical cases starting with your very first class


  • Receive instruction in Ayurvedic skills such as pulse and tongue diagnosis from the beginning of your training 


  • Understand mind-body medicine at the deepest level and the role consciousness plays in health and healing 


  • Learn from an internal medicine physician who is leader in Ayurvedic education


  • Experience the profound benefits of Ayurveda in your own life as you progress through your training

A New Paradigm in Health Coaching Based on Our Consciousness Model


Do you feel inspired to:

  • Empower others to reach their highest potential 


  • Help people discover their strengths and support them in creating health and behavior change


  • Develop your ability to be more present, mindful, and aware when meeting with clients


  • Learn the consciousness skills that are the missing link in other Holistic Health Coaching programs


  • Explore the option of becoming dual trained in Ayurveda and Health Coaching

Personal Growth and Inner Development to Experience the Fullness of Life 


Are you drawn toward:

  • Spiritual evolution, consciousness and deep inner healing


  • Techniques that help resolve old beliefs and  conditioning


  • The healing power of the heart and guiding others toward peace and wellbeing


  • Strengthening your intuition and that of your clients to support the growth and healing process 


  • Becoming a Heart-based Meditation Instructor

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Maria Chiara Carta, M.D.


I enrolled in this Ayurveda training program because I intuitively felt it would provide me with the tools to become a better doctor by empowering myself and my patients with a wonderful body of comprehensive knowledge about prevention of disease and self-care.


Sally Raspberry

Massage Therapist, Educator, Practitioner

The concepts I learned from the course at NWA have truly shaped my existence into one of peace and infinite joy. As a massage therapist, mother and educator, the knowledge I received at New World Ayurveda has integrated seamlessly and effortlessly into my life.


Dave Lesinski

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor

Paul Dugliss has the unique ability to teach and explain complex spiritual concepts and methods in a way that is practical and immediately usable.



The New World Health Ayurvedic Health Practitioner is as an expert in Consciousness-based Health. They understand the mind-body connection.. Unlike many programs, we feel that an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner must become skilled in all three areas simultaneously and become: 


  • An Educator

Our students learn education skills. They develop online courses and in-person presentation skills. They also develop ways of teaching Ayurveda in one-on-one consultations that best serve the client. 


  • A Coach 

Our students learn coaching skills. They become dual-trained in both Ayurveda and Health Coaching through adding the Consciousness-based Health Coaching training to the Ayurvedic Practitioner training. They also learn coaching skills through our practice building curriculum. In the process, they learn to coach clients through a six-month wellness journey.


  • A Clinician

Our student learn clinical skills. They become adept at assessing imbalances through pulse, tongue, facial, skin and other diagnostic modalities. They become skilled at thinking clinically and making recommendations through our case-based approach where the principles of Ayurveda are taught by working through real cases.


We teach all three from the very beginning of our program and we do so in the context of Consciousness-based Health. We believe that consciousness is fundamental to health, inner growth and development and to happiness. And we understand that the deep wisdom of Ayurveda requires the deepest understanding of consciousness and how it facilitates the manifestation of health. 


This understanding is not just intellectual. We support our students in their own personal development as a way of experiencing first-hand the power of consciousness and heart-centered living in transforming their own health. 



Consciousness-based Health Coaching is a method that demystifies health and personal transformation. The CB-Health Coach supports inner development and empowers individuals to discover their innate power to create health and well-being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

​We train health coaches in facilitating the integration of health information, health recommendations and routines, awareness, and consciousness-based practices to engage in holistic change.


Consciousness-based Health Coaching optimizes advances in behavior change, neuroscience, meditation, and integrative health to support individuals within their process of change. This makes the CB-Health Coach a valuable resource in clinical and non-clinical environments as an ally for clients to develop awareness, create change, and transform their health. 


Diana Prince, M.A.,

Head Faculty, Consciousness-based Health Coaching Training Program




Spiritual Mentoring Training Program

With this training you will be able to help your clients understand what is truly at the root of their obstacles, giving them the inner transformational skills needed to permanently overcome those blocks. You will learn:


  • Consciousness Development skills – Practice and learn to teach Heart-based Meditation, an effortless, mantra-based meditation that facilitates the rapid development of consciousness.

  • Emotional digestion skills

  • Heart Centering skills

  • How to teach forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, appreciation and compassion

  • Intuitive skills -- both improving your own and your client’s

Advanced Consciousness-based Healing Techniques

Nothing could be more important than the knowledge of self-healing. Whether you are in a healing profession or are interested in your own inner healing and personal growth, it is imperative to learn the most efficient, effective, and effortless methods for beneficial changes to take place. This includes becoming adept at working with energy and consciousness-based techniques that promote health, healing, and happiness. This course explores these consciousness-based healing approaches. 


Heart-based Meditation Training

Receive a four-week in-depth training in this effortless style of meditation. This free training is for anyone who is serious about inner growth and development.  


Heart Centered Living

Discover the ten Facets of the Heart trainings and other community offerings based in Heart Centered Living. 



The second year of training is done on an elective basis. Ideally, we recommend combining the Consciousness-based Health Coaching with Advanced Clinical Supervision and one elective. Typical electives include Consciousness Mentoring or Pranic Healing.


This is an opportunity to discuss cases and have access to the Q&A sessions with faculty each week. 


See above.


See above.


Join us on a journey of deep personal growth as you transform your practice beyond the physical.This course offers powerful tools that will support the healing, growth and evolution of your self, your clients and your community. You will graduate with confidence in your intuition and in your abilities to support deep healing on all levels of body, mind and spirt. 


New World Ayurveda’s 6-Week introduction to Ayurveda — a great way to get to know our consciousness-based approach to ayurveda. 


Asrael Zemenick,
Head Faculty, Pranic Healing Training

The Heart of a Healer


The powerful transformations that takes place in these programs through the development of consciousness and the facets of the heart never cease to amaze me. Healing the healer and coaching the coach are key parts of the learning that takes place in New World’s unique approach to training. 


I am forever amazed at the quality of students at New World, their depth of commitment, their depth of heart and how much the support and gain from one another in the process of their own inner growth and development.


If you want the most for yourself, if you want to develop the heart of a healer, if you are dedicated to serving others, then come join us. 


All gratitude for your service,


Paul Dugliss, M.D.

Director and Academic Dean