Advanced Studies

in Ayurveda

Get the additional training and support you need to grow your Ayurvedic practice

Is it time to

expand your clinical skills and knowledge of Ayurveda?

Have you completed our Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training Program or are you a graduate of another program?


Would you enjoy ongoing clinical support, interaction with other practitioners and increase your knowledge as you continue to build your practice? 


This course will provide you with what you need to be a more effective practitioner and help you serve a wider range of clients. 

Ayurveda Second Year Studies
Program Structure

The second year of training at New World Ayurveda School is comprised of electives.  Student may select one or more from the following:


  1. Consciousness Mentoring Training Program

  2. Pranic Healing Teacher Program

  3. Consciousness-based Health Coaching Training Program

  4. Advanced Ayurveda Advising


Note that student can also take one or more electives in their first year. However, the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training Program is very demanding and it may be difficult for students to add anything additional to that training. 


Recommended Second Year Overview

Students are free to take any or all electives. The ideal second year would be comprised of combining three of these electives in the following manner:


  1. Advanced Ayurveda Advising

  2. Consciousness-based Health Coaching

  3. Either Consciousness Mentoring Training Program or Pranic Healing Training Program


For this ideal arrangement, there would be a significant tuition reduction.  The total of the three trainings would be $7000 for the year. (Monthly Payment Plan is available: $1750 down / 24 monthly payments of $250.)


Below are the programs brief descriptions.

Advanced Ayurveda Advising


Second year students are often starting their own practices at the end of the first year of training. As they gain experience, questions often arise and the need to discuss complex clinical cases requires additional faculty contact.


For this, students who enroll in the Advanced Ayurveda Advising Program will have access to the live online Q&A sessions that take place once a week. These sessions are opening-ended and will allow students to bring cases and questions as needed. Students will also have access to our learning platform and be able to message faculty directly.  


Tuition: $2500 or $850 per term for 3 terms.

Dates: September 12, 2021 - June 23, 2022   Thursdays: 10:00 - 11:00 Eastern Time

Consciousness Mentoring Training Program
(Formerly the Spiritual Mentoring or Ayurvedic Psychology-Spiritual Counseling Training Program)

The Consciousness Mentoring Training is a practice-oriented course that gives you the skills to help others with their inner growth and development. You’ll be able to help your clients understand what is truly at the root of their obstacles, giving them the inner transformational skills needed to permanently overcome those blocks. What you will learn:


  • Consciousness Development Skills – Practice and learn to teach Heart-based Meditation, an effortless, mantra-based meditation that facilitates the rapid development of consciousness.

  • Heart Centering skills — How to teach forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, appreciation, compassion, joy, generosity, presence, fulfillment and invincibility.

  • Emotional digestion skills

  • Intuitive skills -- both improving your own intuition and teaching your clients intuitive awareness

  • Energy Awareness skills – Learn how to assess the chakras, get energetic information, and heal unbalanced chakras.


This course includes two five-day online Heart-based Meditation Retreats. Students are also required to attend 4 weekend retreats.  (See www.heartbasedmeditation.com for retreat schedules.)


Tuition: $4400 or $1897 down / 12 monthly payments of $250

Dates: September 28, 2021 - May 3, 2022   Tuesdays: 1:00 - 3:30 Eastern Time


Pranic Healing Training Program

This class is for anyone (regardless of yoga experience) that wants to bring deeper healing in to their communities and their practice. It’s wonderful modality for Bodyworkers, Energy Workers, Counsellors, Holistic Health Practitioners,Yoga Teachers, or anyone interested in Energy Healing.

Pranic Healing is for everybody.  The powerful healing that occurs in sessions or in classes are supported in comfortable positions where relaxation is key. The most important part of the practice is the breath, and the subtle energy techniques that surpass the boundaries of the physical body.  

Pranic Healing offers an opportunity to expand and explore your deep consciousness.  This class offers you the tools and techniques to heal yourself and others in a gentle, focused, easy and connected way.

Tuition: $4400 or $1897 down / 12 monthly payments of $250

Dates: October 7, 2021 - May 26, 2022    Thursdays: 1:00 - 3:30 Eastern Time

Consciousness-based Health Coaching Training Program

Consciousness-based Health Coaching is a method that demystifies health and personal transformation. The CB-Health Coach supports inner development and empowers individuals to discover their innate power to create health and well-being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


​We train health coaches in facilitating the integration of health information, health recommendations and routines, awareness, and consciousness-based practices to engage in holistic change. Consciousness-based Health Coaching optimizes advances in behavior change, neuroscience, meditation, and integrative health to support individuals within their process of change. This makes the CB-Health Coach a valuable resource in clinical and non-clinical environments as an ally for clients to develop awareness, create change, and transform their health. 


Tuition: $2,500 paid in full (check or credit card) or $2975 with payment plan. Down payment of $1,225 and 10 monthly payments of $175.

Dates:  January 6, 2022 - August 25, 2022

Option: Take Individual Electives

Students have the option to take any elective individually:

  • Advanced Ayurveda Advising - $2500

  • Spiritual Mentoring Training Program - $4400

  • Consciousness-based Health Coaching Training Program - $2500

  • Pranic Healing Training Program - $4400

I continually use the meditation process and spiritual therapies in my own self-work as well as with clients and have seen incredible changes in both.

Dave Lesinski

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Spiritual Counselor