Advanced Clinical Studies - Level II

About the Training

For those wishing to advance their skills and establish their practice, New World Ayurveda offers an additional 750 hours of training in advanced practice of clinical Ayurveda. The center of the training is New World Ayurveda’s Advanced Clinical Studies Mentor Program. This program provides you with the clinical support you need as a new Ayurvedic Health Practitioner,  so that you can transform the health and lives of a wide range of clients.

The clinical focus provides you with the support and practice you need to advance your real world experience and / or pursue recognition as an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Advanced Clinical Studies (ACS)
Optional Second Year Description - Level II Training


Spiritual Mentoring Training Program

(Formerly the Ayurvedic Psychology-Spiritual Counseling Training Program)

Clinical Jyotish Counseling Training Program


Pranic Healing Training Program

This class is for anyone (regardless of yoga experience) that wants to bring deeper healing in to their communities and their practice. It’s wonderful modality for Bodyworkers, Energy Workers, Counsellors, Holistic Health Practitioners,Yoga Teachers, or anyone interested in Energy Healing.

Pranic Healing is for everybody.  The powerful healing that occurs in sessions or in classes are supported in comfortable positions where relaxation is key. The most important part of the practice is the breath, and the subtle energy techniques that surpass the boundaries of the physical body.  

Pranic Healing offers an opportunity to expand and explore your deep consciousness.  This class offers you the tools and techniques to heal yourself and others in a gentle, focused, easy and connected way.

Program Details

Option: Take Individual Electives

Students have the option to take the Advanced Clinical Skills Level II training or they can take any of its components individually:

  • Advanced Clinical Studies Mentor Program - $4400

  • Spiritual Mentoring Training Program - $4400

  • Clinical Jyotish Counseling Training Program - $4400

  • Healing Light Yoga Teacher Training Program - $4400

I continually use the meditation process and spiritual therapies in my own self-work as well as with clients and have seen incredible changes in both.

Dave Lesinski

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Spiritual Counselor