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As the first Ayurvedic school to provide online Ayurvedic studies, we empower health-conscious individuals around the world to become leaders in healing with Ayurveda.

Our Report Card

2018 & 2019 Graduating Classes


9.5 out of 10

How pleased students were with the training they received.


Number of students who have used this training to significantly change their lives. 


9.8 out of 10

How much value students received from the course.

Early Income


Students earning income from their New World Ayurveda training prior to completing their training program. 

Clients Waiting


Percentages of students having clients waiting to see them upon completion of their training. 



Percentage of students who used this training in their current work prior to completing the training. 


Professionally Recognized 

New World Ayurveda School is recognized by:

 - National Council on Ayurvedic Education (NCAE)

 - National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)

 - Association of Ayurvedic Professional of North America (AAPNA)

Our Programs

Upcoming Events
Heart-based Meditation Multi-city Weekend Retreat
Online - Anywhere
Ayurveda Symposium - Sivananda Yoga Retreat Center
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat
Heart-based Meditation Training - January 11, 2020 Start
Location is TBD