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New World Ayurveda School was founded by Dr. Paul Dugliss in 2006 at the request of clients and friends who experienced significant breakthroughs in health and happiness as a result of his guidance.

As a western medical doctor and Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Paul's unique combination of knowledge and clinical experience resulted in a highly comprehensive training program that provides our students with the skills and confidence they need to be an effective Ayurvedic Health Practitioner upon graduation. We also include practice building strategies in our curriculum to help you succeed.

If you are called to study Ayurveda, New World Ayurveda School offers the most effective, cost-efficient, and convenient program of its kind.

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Rolling Enrollment - Begin at any time

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If you would you like to:


  • Learn Ayurveda from a western medical doctor using real clinical cases from the very first class


  • Receive instruction in Ayurvedic skills such as pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and clinical Jytotish (Vedic Astrology) from day one


  • Understand mind-body medicine at the deepest level and the role consciousness plays in health and healing 


  • Become an expert in self-care and methods of prevention that improve longevity, immunity, and quality of life


  • Experience the profound benefits and healing power of Ayurveda in your own life as you learn what you will teach others

... schedule a free Q&A appointment to meet one of our faculty, learn more, and get your questions answered.


Live online Tuesdays  1:00  PM - 3:30 PM EST

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If you are drawn toward:

  • Spirituality, personal development, consciousness, and deep inner healing


  • Techniques and practices that help resolve old beliefs and conditioning for greater emotional health and true happiness


  • Harnessing the healing power of the heart and guiding others toward experiencing more love, peace, and joy in their lives


  • Strengthening your intuition and that of your clients to reveal deep insights and inner guidance that lead to breakthroughs in healing


  • Becoming a Heart-based Meditation Instructor and training clients in this transformative practice

... schedule a free Q&A appointment to meet one of our faculty, learn more, and get your questions answered.

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"I came to Ayurveda after a 20 year career in management and sales. One of my clients was studying Ayurveda and she would share what she was learning when I came through to call on her office. I found it absolutely fascinating!


I began devouring books on Ayurveda. Everything about it spoke to me. It was like coming home. Somehow I knew that it was time to change paths. Without hesitation, I took a leap of faith and went back to school to do the meaningful work helping others that my heart truly longed for.

Becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner has transformed my health and my life. I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn Ayurveda and empower others to take back control of their own health and wellbeing.

If you feel the call to incorporate Ayurveda into your life or create a new career where you can make a difference, I'd love to talk with you. Your community needs you.


Schedule a free Discovery Appointment with me now so I can answer your questions and share more about our life-changing programs. I look forward to talking with you!"

- Sandra Dugliss, Director of Admissions


Maria Chiara Carta, M.D.

I enrolled in this Ayurveda training program because I intuitively felt it would provide me with the tools to become a better doctor by empowering myself and my patients with a wonderful body of comprehensive knowledge about prevention of disease and self-care.


Sally Raspberry

Massage Therapist, Educator, Practitioner

The concepts I learned from the course at NWA have truly shaped my existence into one of peace and infinite joy. As a massage therapist, mother and educator, the knowledge I received at New World Ayurveda has integrated seamlessly and effortlessly into my life.


Dave Lesinski

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor

Paul Dugliss has the unique ability to teach and explain complex concepts and methods in a way that is practical and immediately usable.



The New World Ayurvedic Health Practitioner is as an expert in Holistic Health.

They deeply understand the mind-body connection.

They become trained and skilled in all three areas below:


  • A Clinician

Our students learn relevant and effective clinical skills. They become adept at assessing imbalances through pulse, tongue, facial, skin and other diagnostic modalities. They become skilled at thinking clinically and making recommendations through our case-based approach where the principles of Ayurveda are taught by working through real world cases.

  • An Educator

Our students learn education skills. They know how to develop online courses and in-person presentation skills. They also develop ways of teaching Ayurveda in one-on-one consultations that best serve each client. 


  • A Coach 

Our students learn coaching skills. Some become dual-trained in both Ayurveda and Health Coaching through adding the Consciousness-based Health Coaching training to the Ayurvedic Practitioner training. They also learn coaching skills through our practice building curriculum. In the process, they learn to coach clients through a six-month wellness journey.


We teach all this so our students become adept and are well prepared to practice upon graduation. 

Training to become a New World Ayurveda Health Practitioner is not just an intellectual endeavor. We support our students in their own personal development and healing journey as a way of experiencing first-hand the power of Ayurveda, consciousness and heart-centered living. This is why the most common feedback we get from our graduates is: "This course transformed my life".



The second year of training is done on an elective basis. 


In this course we discuss advanced clinical cases to sharpen and strengthen our skills. You also have access to the Q&A sessions with faculty each week to discuss your questions you may have about clients you are seeing.




Description above.

The Heart of a Healer

The powerful transformations that take place in these program never cease to amaze me.

I am forever amazed at the quality of students at New World - their depth of commitment, their depth of heart, and how much they gain from one another in the process of their own learning. 

If you want the most out of your Ayurvedic training, if you have a desire to serve others, if you want to cultivate the heart of a healer, I invite you to join us for a learning experience of a lifetime. 


My best,


Paul Dugliss, M.D.

Director and Academic Dean 

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