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Having a hard time finding Ayurvedic Training?

Finding Ayurvedic training that fits into your life is difficult.  We get it.


Having to move to a school or spend long weekends away from your family each month is not only challenging — it can be exorbitantly expensive. 


Traveling or moving is just not reasonable for most people. So what do you do?


Maybe you just try to learn on your own. 


Maybe you give up looking. 


Or maybe you discover New World Ayurveda School.  If you want real training online, where you don’t have to travel or move or go deeply into debt, consider us.

Credible Training?

Finding credible training in Ayurveda isn’t easy. So many different programs with different approaches and different curriculum. It can be confusing. 


You want credible training, not a set of books and handouts to memorize. 


Look no further. 


Our training is run by an Internal Medicine physician who has practiced both allopathic medicine and Ayurveda. He brings that real world experience to the practice and training in Ayurveda.


And he brings the credibility of having sat on the board of directors of the major Ayurvedic professional organization in the U.S.

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Paul Dugliss, M.D. 
Academic Dean and Director

Education or Real Training?

Ayurvedic education can be learning a lot of terms and concepts. 


Or it can be direct training in how to help people in practical ways with Ayurveda. 


New World Ayurveda’s training approach is powerful because it incorporates experience:  You learn it, you live it, you teach it. 


That’s why our students’ most common feedback at the end of the year is: “This program has changed my life.” 

Learn More...

  • About our consciousness-based approach to Ayurveda

  • About our case-based education 

  • About our experience in teaching Ayurveda live online since 2006

  • About why our students rate this program as 9.8 out of 10 in value

Dual Training?

Ayurveda is not an established part of our health care system. So it can feel like a risk to put time and money into something that is not a well-established profession. 

How do you get training that fits into our health care system?

Consider getting dual trained by adding the Consciousness-based Health Coaching Training to our world-class Ayurvedic Health Practitioner Training. 


Maria Chiara Carta, M.D.


I enrolled in this Ayurveda training program because I intuitively felt it would provide me with the tools to become a better doctor by empowering myself and my patients with a wonderful body of comprehensive knowledge about prevention of disease and self-care.


Sally Raspberry

Massage Therapist, Educator, Practitioner

The concepts I learned from the course at NWA have truly shaped my existence into one of peace and infinite joy. As a massage therapist, mother and educator, the knowledge I received at New World Ayurveda has integrated seamlessly and effortlessly into my life.


Dave Lesinski

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor

Paul Dugliss has the unique ability to teach and explain complex spiritual concepts and methods in a way that is practical and immediately usable.